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WM In-Stock Sex Dolls

Don’t want to wait a few weeks for a sex doll? Can’t wait to take her home? Welcome to buy our in-stock sex dolls!

145cm Meili Silicone Sex Doll Japanese Real Love Doll newest American girl

Meili is our newest American girl and she is so realistically gorgeous. Her face is so beautiful with a slamming

158cm Alisa Sex Love Doll Silicone Entity Body Lifelike Sex Real Solid Love Toy

Features: This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched

157cm B Cup WM Love Dolls – Patience

Doll Measurements: Height: 5ft2 | 157cm Weight: 62lbs | 28KG Chest: 26 in. | 67cm Waist: 19 in. | 48cm

153cm Bandi Silicone Sex Angel Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Lifelike Sex Toy

Features: This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched

163cm/5ft4 C-cup TPE Sex Doll – Pasclina

Body measurements: Height:5 ft 4 in / 163 cm Weight:75 lbs / 34 kg Bra Size:C-Cup Feet Length:8 in /

158 cm D-Cup Premium TPE sex doll – Lena

Lena is a football fan. It doesn’t remember how many football superstars she likes. She especially likes Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano

5 ft 8 in / 172 cm B-cup TPE WM Sex Doll – Acacia

Body measurements: Height: 5 ft 8 in / 172 cm Brand: WM Doll Bra Size :B cup Bust :31.1 in /

165cm SOPHIE Natural Skin Full Size Lifelike Solid Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Holes Love Doll Mate Toy

In addition, remember, they will look young forever fulfilling your desires. Nevertheless, if you decide to play around with her

155cm TPE Sex Doll – Jennifer

Doll Measurements Material: TPE Size: 155cm Bust: 64cm (25,2″), 83cm (32,7″) Under Bust: 62cm (24,4″) Bra size: B cup Arms:

166cm/5ft5 C-cup TPE Sex Doll – Kily

Body measurements: Height:5 ft 5 in / 166 cm Weight:72.8 lbs / 33 kg Bra Size:C-Cup Feet Length:8.3 in /

Miku 165cm Real Love Silicone Sex Doll lifelike love male toy

She is sexy in a subtle way. She has a full metal skeleton and made from high-quality silicone making them

Bella 140cm 4.59ft Ultra Silicone Love Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Tan Skin Sex Doll

Bella is a 140cm Silicone Love Doll.Take it home now.


155cm L Cup Cowgirl Sex Doll – Dana

Doll Measurements: Height: 155cm | 5ft 1.1inch Weight: 36.5kg | 80.5lbs Upper Chest: 95cm | 37.4in Lower Chest: 51cm | 20.1in Bra Size:L cup

155cm L Cup Real Life WM Doll – Cathleen

Doll Measurements: Height: 155cm | 5ft 1.1inch Weight: 36.5kg | 80.5lbs Upper Chest: 95cm | 37.4in Lower Chest: 51cm | 20.1in Bra Size:L cup

158cm Mega Breasts Sex Doll With Thin Waist – Liberty

Body measurements: Material: TPE Doll Size:158 cm |5ft2 Neck: 26 cm |10.2 inch Shoulder Breadth: 33 cm |13.0 inch Arm

162 cm / 5ft3 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – leyla

Body measurements: Height: 162 cm / 5ft3 Bust: 81 cm / 32″ Waist: 57 cm / 22″ Hips: 91 cm

162 cm / 5ft3 F-cup TPE Sex Doll – Katherine

Body measurements: Height: 162 cm / 5ft3 Bust: 83 cm / 33″ Waist: 54 cm / 21″ Hips: 89 cm

162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Elsa

Body measurements: Height:5 ft 4 in / 162 cm Weight:77.2 lbs / 35 kg Bra Size:E-Cup Bust:2 ft 8 in

164cm/5ft5 F-cup TPE Sex Doll – Isla

Doll Measurements Height:5 ft 5 in / 164 cm Material: TPE Weight:72.8 lbs / 33 kg Bra Size:F-Cup Feet Length:N/A

168 cm / 5 ft 6 in H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Romey

Body measurements: Height:5 ft 6 in / 168 cm Brand: WM Doll (Hybrid) Bra Size: E cup Bust:36.6 in /

170CM H-Cup Sex Doll – Kaitlyn

Body Information: Material: TPE Doll Size 170cm (5ft7′) Neck 28 cm |11.0 in Shoulder Breadth 32 cm |12.6 in Arm

170cm (5ft7) H Cup Big Boobs Love Doll – Aloha

Material Medical Silicone TPE Doll Size 170cm (5ft7′) Neck 28 cm |11.0 inch Shoulder Breadth 32 cm |12.6 inch Arm

171 cm / 5 ft 6 in H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Yesenia

Body measurements: Height: 5 ft 6 in / 171 cm Bra Size :H cup Bust : 96 cm (37.79 inches)

171cm H Cup Realistic Sex Doll – Kelsey

Doll Measurements: Height: 171cm | 5ft 7inch Weight: 35.5kg | 78.3lbs Chest: 82cm | 32.3in Waist: 43cm | 16.9in Hips:

New Sex Dolls

High Quality Real Life Christmas Dress Up Female Sex Doll – Evangeline 158cm

Evangeline is just the loveliest American chick you ever did see. She’s got a body with the perfect proportions to

WM 166cm C Honey-Bun

Look at the puffy nipples on Bun! This hot bombshell is a Euro chick with a do me attitude that

WM 162cm F – Azalea

When you lay eyes on Azalea, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the way those puffy lips stand out

WM 162cm F cup Premium Sex Doll- Janice

Lovely with her tousled hair and her perfectly curvy figure, Janice is a sweet and sensual young thing that we’re

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These hand-made wonders are undoubtedly the most beautiful things that your money can purchase. To make a sex doll more realistic, the manufacturers make sure that they come with life-like and well-contoured feminine features. So expect fuller breasts, almost-real vaginas with internal walls, thick eyelashes, and more from these sex dolls. Moreover, these life-like girls have sturdy skeletons and profound joints. So expect them to hold your favorite positions for long. You can use it repeatedly, without making it limp and flimsy over time.

We have a unique selection of luxury sex dolls that are designed to look and feel just like the woman of your dreams.

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SexDollie is one of the leading providers of sex dolls all across the globe. We offer top selection of adult dolls that are manufactured keeping in mind the highest standards possible. Our love doll can do everything possible to satisfy your need in every respect. We have ser the best standards in the industry by making superior quality sex dolls. Our real doll is not just inanimate object. The each combination of body and face of adult doll has different emotions, such as peacefulness, mischievousness, sensuality and eroticism.  Our dolls are realistic, graceful, elegant and so beautiful that you will surely get attached to them. You are going to purchase the best value dolls with a versatile combination of heads and styles of body. All these dolls are equipped with best sophisticated skeleton with a superior mechanical structure giving perfect movement.

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Our company is committed to providing a great variety of WM love dolls. We are aware of the most modern trends in adult fun.  Our team believes in every WM sex doll with an aim to make our clients happy on the bed.  Most of the adults choose us since we have a huge collection of wm sex dolls for them. We invest a lot of money every year in research and development to manufacture high-quality products with new characteristics like the mechanical skeleton and artificial intelligence. In the search for attractiveness, we adhere to our vision of not only manufacturing but also creation. Due to this reason, our makeup artists, engineers, and sculptors are aiming to make continual refinements on every product by keeping in mind every detail to create best sex doll. All of our dolls are shipped discreetly and well-protected in unmarked cardboard boxes.  The shipping process for all orders is done in such a manner that our customer gets or their product on time. So, if you are looking for the best quality sex doll then the time has come to get in touch with our customer support team to satisfy all your sexual needs.



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High Quality

  • Dolls made of premium silicone and TPE materials
  • Durable metal skeleton with flexible joints for many positions
  • Hand-made and thoroughly tested, safe for human use

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Luxury Sex Doll

  • Dolls designed and hand-sculpted by professional artists
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